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2019 Summer Robotics

IOT thing:


Thunkable Sign in:


Thunkable robotics template:


Hack your robot!

Your NodeMCU can be programmed with many different languages and IDEs.

I used Visual Studio Code  with the PlatformIO extension to write the firmware currently on the robot. C++

Firmware Code for robot used in class: (open with Platformio)


You can also use the Arduino IDE  to program. C++(not the online version, though)

There is also ESP8266BASIC which the whole IDE lives on the robot.Not quite as versatile as the Arduino or PlatformIO versions, though.

You can also program it in a language called LUA. Information here.

It is also fun to control your robot via Blynk from your phone. You will have to upload some C++ code to the NodeMCU to make it work. Blynk is well documented and free.

You can also dismantle the robot and use the components to build other IOT “things”.