To connect your robot to WIFI at home:

  1. Your robot  will turn into a WIFI hotspot the 1st time you try to use away from the last WIFI it was connected to.
  2. On a phone/ tablet or laptop, go WIFI connections and choose the robot number that shows as a hotspot (no password)
  3. Usually a web page automatically opens, that allows you to choose your WIFI and set password. If the page does not open, go to a browser and type in URL bar:
  4. Once robot is connected, it’s hotspot will disappear (this can take a few minutes to not show on your phone) Re-connect your phone to it’s regular WIFI and start the Plunker app on your phone.
  5. After you connect the 1st time, robot will automatically connect thereafter, unless it is out of you WIFI range.



Sign up for Plunker account:

Then, fork this Plunk!

Download Code Snippets:!AqO1Y5O8K9LGgb1tWbWiJ0snGmfvkw?e=Zhql9P



Hack your robot!

Your NodeMCU can be programmed with many different languages and IDEs.

You can also use the Arduino IDE  to program. C++(not the online version, though)

There is also ESP8266BASIC which the whole IDE lives on the robot.Not quite as versatile as the Arduino or PlatformIO versions, though.

You can also program it in a language called LUA. Information here.


You can also dismantle the robot and use the components to build other IOT “things”.